Injection moulding of plastic

Today, Vesimentor OÜ owns and operates automated injection moulding machines that offer clamping force ranging between 30 - 350 tons and injection capacity between 0,5-900 cm³. Majority of the operations are either partly or fully automated.

The product range we offer includes plastic products, manufactured to the specification of clients as sub-contracting. Injection moulding is the production method used. We use all the common types of plastic: PA, PE, PP, ABS, POM, PC, etc. In case of single products, the initial assembly of items before dispatching to clients is possible, however, our clients are usually using the items we provide to assemble their products at their own site.
Products are manufactured for clients as sub-contracting. The prices of plastic details will depend on specific orders, contracts and quantities. You’re also welcome to order custom-made moulds.

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