Rotational moulding

Rotational moulding is a production method that allows to manufacture both very simple and highly complicated plastic items to match the used mould. Rotational moulding is usually used to manufacture seamless hollow items. The advantage of rotational moulding is stress-free, uniform distribution of raw material during the production process, ensuring long life-cycle of the end product, thanks to limited threat of cracking and breaking of seams. The benefits of the technology include environmentally sound products with long economic life that can be recycled; the given method allows to manufacture products with large dimensions.

The production process generates only very small amounts of waste that can be conveniently recycled. Polyethylene is the most common raw materials; other thermal plastic materials can be used at clients’ request. Polyethylene items, manufactured by rotational moulding, are strong, acid and chemical resistant and can be used at diversified range of external temperatures (from -50o to +80oC).

Rotational moulding manufacturing process allows to produce items in different colours. Company logo and other design elements can be cast into products. The technology works well with batches of products from one hundred to several thousands of items annually. Depending on level of complicacy and quality requirements, either steel sheet, cast aluminium or CNC-aluminium moulds will be used.

We help our clients to develop a product to match their ideas, the process involves designing of a 3D model of the item; clients can count on our assistance on commissioning the mould and approving prototypes, followed by starting of the production process and delivery of products to our clients.

Rotational moulding products:

KKS-3 A-class

KKS-2 With raised flange

Septik 2,8 m3



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